Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Rabbit Died During Spaying Surgery Has Anyone Had A Bad Experience During Or After Their Rabbit Was Spayed Or Neutered?

Has anyone had a bad experience during or after their rabbit was spayed or neutered? - my rabbit died during spaying surgery

I want my rabbit spayed for health reasons (so do not develop ovarian cancer, because 70% of rabbits, and from him), but I encountered problems when someone ask me, Spay or neuter your rabbit?


Kate M said...

I personally have no problem with my rabbit neutered.
Some of the most common are the rabbits to chew on points (the infection and can cause the sutures), did not eat after.
You must make sure that the vet gives your rabbit access to food before and after surgery. The rabbits can not vomit, and the risks of alcohol use prior to surgery is not practicable, the risk of stagnation if the rabbit GI denied food for a long time.

Duskburn said...

With each operation, the greater the risk. Then of course there are people who have made a bad experience. I spayed / neutered all of my animals, countless dogs and cats who were separated from the dog and the many clubs who have seen many breeders know, such as veterinarians, and I heard very few cases where an animal dies during half a spay / neuter. I have never lost a pet, my friends never lost an animal sterilization.

If you are not on your rabbit may be more sterile and horribly painful death due to infection or cancer would be. It can not, but it is a very, very high probability that it will.

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